Tom Riedl, President
(For earlier professional experience and education, see text below)

Since becoming an entrepreneur, Tom has focused his time and attention on providing interactive multimedia software for young people. For over five years he’s made interactive software available at events for kids to use and enjoy. Having always been interested in the interaction between the visual and sound, and in education and learning, he could see substantial possibility of such technology for young people. The events at which his company (VisiSound Technologies) provided multimedia software, gave him the opportunity to observe, first hand, literally thousands of kids using software that allows them to be creative in positive and fun ways.

His observations and research convinced him that kids would flock to anything that lets them be creative, and that software which allows them to be so in positive ways could significantly benefit them. He also saw that bias still exists about girls, a bias that discourages them from pursuing educations and careers in mathematics, science and technology. And, like many, he could see on a larger scale that the leadership position of the country in these areas was slipping year by year. He recognized both the need for change and a means for change achievable through suitably designed and presented interactive multimedia software. It was thus that the idea of FGATA evolved and was born, whose missions he defined accordingly, and to which he is dedicating himself.

Earlier Professional Experience and Education
Tom’s undergraduate work and degree were in Science and Electrical Engineering. He earned a Masters and Ph.D. in Human Information Processing, an inter-disciplinary area of Sensory Psychology and Computer Science and Technology. His primary research was in Visual Information Processing, and focused on how the human visual system extracts information from visual content. His business and professional experience has included design engineering, corporate and project management, research project management and consulting with companies in a various areas.

Tom’s experience includes: communications design engineer for Harris Semiconductor, a NASA sub-contractor on the manned-space program; Director of Software and Systems Development at Cambridge Medical Systems; a primary researcher in Human Information Processing at New York University; a systems project manager at AT&T Information Systems, and a research project manager at AT&T Bell Laboratories, focused on education and human expertise in advanced software design. He's been an independent contractor and consultant in the software education and training field, and in Internet and E-commerce systems and software. He's work with various organizations, among them: IBM, Ameritech, Bell Atlantic, Chubb Advanced Training, The US Justice Department, the Department of the Navy, Addison-Wesley’s education division, Paine-Weber, Goldman-Sachs, Bloomberg Information Systems, and Lehman Brothers. He's been published in a variety of professional journals and publications (Including the John Wiley Encyclopedia of Software Engineering) in software design and testing, psychology, management, education, research and development, and in human-systems design and interaction. He holds a number of copyrights and patents pending for various inventions and designs.