Kids get Creative at The Hampton Classic with Voice Painter!
Kids Day, Saturday, September 3rd
archive article, added 09/02/2005


This year at The Classic kids will be able to do something they've never done there before: be creative with their voices. Using Voice Painter, kids will create amazing paintings with their voices. The kids don't have to be artists to create fascinating paintings -- all they have to do is talk, sing or just make funny noises into a microphone to create dynamic, colorful art.

Voice Painter will be featured at Kids Day, which is returning for the ninth year to The Hampton Classic on Saturday, September 3rd, from 10am to 5pm. It will be sponsored by Cablevision, and promises to be the best ever. Voice Painter will be in the World of the Horse Tent in the Exhibition and Kids area near the main entrance to the Boutique Garden shopping area. Kids and their parents and grandparents will find out why "Coooooooool" is how people describe Voice Painter. Voice Painter is interactive, creative fun, and has been featured at private and public events for over two years.

Kids will be able to get their one of a kind creations on attractive 8x10 mats for display. "What we are doing is all about giving kids the opportunity to be 'positively creative' as never before. We will be making Voice Painter
and other multimedia software we're developing available to kids everywhere in the coming months and years", according to Tom Riedl, the software's primary creator. In addition to the art the kids take away with them from the event, their creations will be put on the www.voicepainter.com website for friends and family anywhere to see and enjoy. People will also be able to get the kids' voice paintings on various items from the website to give as gifts.

This summer Voice Painter was used by kids at the Parrish Art Museum, at the Quogue and East Hampton libraries, and at Camp Karole. If you want to know more about Voice Painter, visit the website at www.voicepainter.com and be one of the first fifty people to win tickets to The Hampton Classic. Kids under 12 are admitted to Kids Day free of charge and each is entitled to make a complimentary voice painting on screen that can be put on the Internet free of charge.

Other products made from these paintings will be available on the website. "Voice Painter touches and stirs a child's creative urge" observes Sheila Sweeney, a children's educational specialist. "It fosters creativity, and allows all children, even those who are not technically proficient with a pencil and paper, to finish stunning works of art, thus enhancing their ability to see themselves as creators". Voice Painter helps every kid feel special and creative.

We look forward to seeing and hearing all VoicePainters from The Classic. For more information about VisiSound Technologies, call: 212.946.1201 or tom@voicepainter.com. This breakthrough multimedia software is the brainchild of Dr. Tom Riedl, a technologist and psychologist, who believes, "Love it or hate it, it's amazing what you can do with technology." Tom will be at The Classic on Kids Day to answer any questions.