Voice Painter comes to Parrish Art Museum
October 16 from 2 to 4 pm
archive article, added 10/10/2005


Over the summer, children across the East End created a new kind of art using a technology called Voice Painter™. As part of the Multimedia Art Program for the East End, the children’s art will be shown on the big screen and played in full audio in the Parrish Art Museum’s concert hall on Sunday, October 16 from 2 to 4 PM. Admission is free and refreshments will be served.

Voice Painter is interactive software that lets kids create amazing, dynamic art with their voices by talking, singing or just making funny noises into a microphone. In addition to seeing the children’s art, guests at the Sunday program will be able to create their own voice paintings on the big screen, and receive copies of paintings as well.

Events in which children created their unique one-of-a-kind art were coordinated by VisiSound Technologies, where Voice Painter and other software was developed, and held at various participating organizations including the Parrish Art Museum, Quogue Library, East Hampton Library, Camp Karole, and the Hampton Classic. Both the still paintings and dynamic multimedia (visual + sound) paintings that were created will be displayed. The Multimedia Art Program is part of a larger effort by VisiSound to provide more positive alternatives in multimedia available to families and children.

Gifts for Everyone!

All paintings created at this weekend’s event and by the summer programs can be viewed and obtained from the Internet as gifts (at www.voicepainter.com). The paintings will be available on greeting cards, in mat-frames, on tee shirts and on other items. Sample voice-painted greeting cards will be given to guests at the Parrish event. The items make ideal personalized holiday gifts.

“Voice Painter touches and stirs a child’s creative urge”, observes Sheila Sweeney, a children’s educational specialist. “Voice Painter fosters creativity, and allows all children, even those who are not technically proficient with a pencil and paper, to finish stunning works of art”. Voice Painter helps every child feel special, be creative and just have fun.

For more information about Voice Painter, call: 212.946.1201 or mail@voicepainter.com.

This breakthrough multimedia software was created originally by Dr. Tom Riedl, a technologist and psychologist, who believes, "Whatever you may feel about software, it’s amazing what you can do with it.” Tom will be at the event to answer questions.

For more information go to www.voicepainter.com