Fun Computer Program Paints Kidsb


New York, July 12

A fun new program called Voice Painter is being put on display at the Childrenb of the Arts (CMA). The program lets kids b with their voices. They can do this just be talking, singing or making funny noises into a microphone. The exhibit at the museum consists of computer screens on which the paintings appear dynamically b creating the paintings makes sounds into the microphone. The program is going to be made available in the New York area for use at all kinds of events such as birthday, holiday and Bar Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah parties.


Admission for the exhibit, which will run for the month of June, is free for children.

The Museum is at 182 Lafayette St. in Manhattan. Any questions can be answered by visiting www.voicepainter.com or sending email to mail@voicepainter.com .